Conventional Trays

TPT PACIFIC supplies various type of trays such as Sieve tray, Valve tray,
Fixed valve tray, Bubble cap tray, Baffle tray, Dual flow tray and High performance tray, etc.

TCV Valve Tray

Conventional Floating Valve

TCVF Valve Tray

Round Fixed Valve

TCC Valve Tray

Caged Valve

TRVF Valve Tray

Rectangular Fixed Valve

Sieve Tray

Sieve Trays are widely used
in the services that high turndown
is not required.

Bubble Cap Tray

Bubble cap trays are generally used
for low liquid loads and have a very
high turn down ratio.

Dual Flow Tray

Dual flow trays are perforated trays
without downcomer.

Cartridge Tray

Cartridge trays are typically used for
requiring a vessel body flange
for installation.

Baffle Tray

Side to Side Tray
Disc & Donut Tray
Shower Deck Tray.